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"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs."

Upon searching for quotes for my Facebook page, I came upon this one from renowned photographer Ansel Adams.

After deep reflection, this statement really captures my philosophy on photography.

My journey in this field originated with my Aunt Bonnie lending me her Pentax K1000, one roll of Kodak Gold ASA 400 and a 50mm lens on a trip to Conner Prairie. Who knew that her assistance would carry me down this road?

Newspaper photography has always been my passion, as I love spot news, feature and sports photos. Even after all of these years, I still get excited when I discover the photo that reveals the essence of the story that I've just immersed myself in.

This experience has led me to discover a great interest in wedding photography, as well.

I strive to capture the love and emotion that takes place on that special day. From the mother of the bride shedding tears as she places the veil on her daughter, to the exuberance demonstrated by the groom upon seeing his beautiful wife in her glorious dress.

My approach to capturing those emotions by the couples is actually very simplistic. Just be yourself!

I feel that this philosophy sets me apart from other photographers. I want to click that shutter and freeze that moment in time. Shooting photos throughout the event as if it were a story - because that is exactly what it is - gives the bride and groom memories that they will want to revisit throughout their lifetime, as they step back in time and remember the love they felt for each other.

I greatly appreciate those that take the time to visit my Web site. As well, I hope that if you are looking for a unique and beautiful approach to capturing your memorable day, that you reach out to me and consider my talents.

In addition, I am available for shooting photos of any type of activities that you may dream of, be it a company Christmas party, a youth sporting event, your family, or photos for a company newsletter. If you can envision it, I can make it come true.

In closing, I would like to express my tremendous gratitude to first and foremost our Heavenly Father, for with him all things are possible.

Secondly, to my loving wife and sons, I dearly thank you for your patience and support that you have offered me throughout my life and career.

And lastly, but certainly not the least of all, my love and appreciation needs to be showed for my dad and mom, as well as my Aunt Bonnie, for which none of this would have ever grown into the love of my life. Thanks to all and I love you without end.


Rob Edwards